A Welcome Message from the Editors…

We can’t tell you how excited we are to finally breathe life into American Youth Hockey Coast to Coast! As we show you around and tell you more about it, we hope you’ll agree that such an undertaking was long overdue.

First and foremost, we’re going to be all about kids’ hockey in the United States — from beginners through Midgets, and from its players to those who give them the chance to play. Yes, we’re talking about players, coaches, parents, administrators, game officials, specialists, arena personnel, and even the governing bodies. And, while we mainly want to highlight all the good in American youth hockey, we’re willing to take to task those who don’t make the grassroots levels of our game “all about the kids”.

As for the rest of our title — that “Coast to Coast” part — means we’re all in this thing together. For sure, there are some true hockey hotbeds sprinkled across this continent.  But we want to ensure that every state is heard from — from Alaska to Florida, from Maine to California, and from Hawaii to the District of Columbia. (Interestingly, friends from Canada, the UK and several other faraway nations have already expressed interest in what we’re doing. And, since we see them as our brothers and sisters in this great game, we’ve encouraged them to also occasionally contribute stories about hockey in their homelands.) [Continue reading]