A New, Exciting Update!

Up front, a couple of things we need to be honest about…

First, we know in our collective hearts that we were on the right track over a year ago, when we first launched the American Youth Hockey website (see “A Welcome Message from the Editors…”).  We still feel the concept was right, and we still believe that this is going to be a great format for keeping American Youth Hockey people in touch.

Secondly, however, we think we erred — maybe a lot — in some of the ways we initially planned to operate this site:

  • We put far too much on the shoulders of our writers.  So, we’re going to lessen that, substantially, as well as invite many more to pitch in.
  • Instead of charging for ads placed within state sections, these will henceforth be free, as a service to worthy venders and the hockey families they serve.

Are even more changes on the horizon?  Yes.  As a matter of fact, anything that can possibly make this project work better will be considered.

And that means we’d love to hear from visitors with any ideas they believe will help (Letters to the Editors).

Again, please scan our initial announcement (including some updates) to discover a lot more about our aims:   “A Welcome Message from the Editors…”

To All Our Success,

The Editors

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